Online Zoom Tours

How does it work

Moshe offers LIVE virtual tours and engaging history lessons via Zoom. He will show you the beauty of these areas and time periods, explain the religious significance and history, and weave in today’s political trends and conflicts.

Moshe’s dynamic presentations include clips, pictures, maps and insights from his many years of experience guiding and educating in Israel and abroad. 

All virtual tours are personalized in advance to fit the age demographic, the specific interests of the participants, the knowledge level, etc. Choose from these popular tours or suggest a different topic or site, and Moshe will do his best to accommodate you.

Israel History Course

Modern History of Israel – starting with the British mandate and the pre-state period, this course will explore the past 100 years in the Land of Israel. The course contains five lessons, each lasting 60 minutes. It can be tailored to any age, group or knowledge level.



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