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How does it work

Moshe offers LIVE virtual tours and engaging history lessons via Zoom. He will show you the beauty of these areas and time periods, explain the religious significance and history, and weave in today’s political trends and conflicts.

Moshe’s dynamic presentations include clips, pictures, maps and insights from his many years of experience guiding and educating in Israel and abroad. 

All virtual tours are personalized in advance to fit the age demographic, the specific interests of the participants, the knowledge level, etc. Choose from these popular tours or suggest a different topic or site, and Moshe will do his best to accommodate you.

Explore the magical Old City of Jerusalem, focusing on the three monotheistic religions and their holy sites. We will walk through
the markets and alleyways of the Old City and visit the Western Wall, The Holy Sepulcher, The Temple Mount, the Ramparts, the City of David and more.

Walk through the alleyways of this holy and mystical city, learning about the great Jewish scholars that lived here and seeing amazing synagogues, alleyways and artist market. Always remember: “Anything can happen in Tzfat!”


learn about one of history’s greatest rebellions, visit the Dead Sea, a natural wonder, and take a virtual trip to Kumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered

this trip will include Jerusalem’s fascinating modern history, including Ammunition Hill, Mount Herzl, a short visit to the Knesset (parliament), the gentrified Machane Yehuda Market and more.


visit the city that never sleeps. You will explore Jaffa’s Old City, port and flee market, and walk along the beach to visit the heart of Tel Aviv: Rothschild street, Independence Hall, the famous Carmel Market, Rabin Square and much more.

Akko is a city that has been shaped by the Romans, Ottomans, Crusaders, Mamelukes, Byzantines, and British, and  today is home to a brilliantly coexistent mixed population of Jews, Christians and Muslims. The Old City of Akko is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the oldest ports in the world.
Join Moshe on a zoom tour to Acre!


"Tour" the Mellah of Fes, the oldest Jewish Quarter in Morocco. Discover the Jewish neighborhood's beautiful architecture, synagogues and culture that once thrived in the city.

Using Google maps, Google street view, pictures, and text hear centries - old stories, see the Slat al Fassayine Synagogue, the oldest in the city, the 17th-century Ibn Danan Synagogue, the restored and famous Jewish cemetery, Beit HaChaim, and more.

 Explore 1000 years of Jewish life and culture in Poland via the gravestones of influential personalities, from great Chassidic rebbes to Yiddish theater actors and secular Hebrew writers. Visit the only remains of the Warsaw Ghetto wall, walk the Ghetto Heroes Trail, stop at Mila 18, and see the Rapaport memorial. We will end our visit at Nozyk synagogue,  the only surviving prewar Jewish house of prayer in Warsaw, Poland


Israel History Course

Modern History of Israel – starting with the British mandate and the pre-state period, this course will explore the past 100 years in the Land of Israel. The course contains five lessons, each lasting 60 minutes. It can be tailored to any age, group or knowledge level.



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