About Moshe

Why Moshe?

Moshe is an officially licensed Israeli tour guide who is completely fluent in both English and Hebrew. He is skilled at distilling lots of information into informative, entertaining, memorable and inspiring stories.

Moshe was born in the United States and moved with his family to Israel as a one-year-old. He grew up in a beautiful yishuv (community) in the Negev desert, Meitar. Today he happily resides in Moshav Beit Zayit, near Jerusalem, with his lovely wife. [E2] 

About two decades ago, Moshe turned his love for teaching into his profession. Since then, he has both worked independently and for multiple organizations (most notably Ramah) as a guide, educator and speaker. Moshe has collaborated with families, adults and teenage groups. 

A tremendous love of nature, hiking and photography, and venturing off the beaten path, ensure that Moshe’s virtual tours are colorful. He connects to the country’s land and history, but also through its people, and he enables his fellow travelers to do the same. Throughout his guiding, he stops to talk with bystanders, plays music, sings with the group and facilitates role-playing and group discussions.

You’ll remember Moshe!




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